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Welcome to CreativeNotes 4.0

CreativeNotes 4.0 is the latest version of the popular information organizer, providing even more help for you to organize your thoughts and ideas. It runs on Windows PC's and Windows Mobile Pocket PC's.

What's new in Version 4.0

  • You can change the size and style of text in your notes, and in the note list, and for printed notes. (Printing is available with CreativeNotes Desktop Edition.)
  • You can select multiple items within a note, by dragging your stylus or by holding down the Shift key and pressing Up or Down. Then you can copy, cut or delete the selected items, or change their colors.
  • The central outlining engine of CreativeNotes has been rewritten to speed up the note view, particularly when scrolling.
  • You can now export your notes to HTML format. You can then use your favourite web browser to display them, or you can load them into Microsoft Word, or other applications with HTML input capabilities.
  • CreativeNotes software is now digitally signed with a security certificate, so you can be sure you have a genuine version of CreativeNotes that hasn't been tampered with. This also removes warning messages that you might see when installing unsigned software.

What was new in Version 3.2

  • There is a new installation package which is easier to use and more reliable.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts have been added to the Desktop Edition.
  • On CreativeNotes Desktop Edition, you can now scroll using the mouse wheel if you have one.
  • A problem with importing non-English text files has been fixed.
  • The Desktop Edition hides the Sync menu item and toolbar if there is no Windows Mobile device installed on your PC.
  • A few minor errors have been corrected.

What was new in Version 3.1

  • You can link your items to web pages, and to files, folders and programs.
  • You can activate your notes from File Explorer or other application launchers.
  • CreativeNotes Desktop Edition can now display your notes in multiple windows.
  • The installation sequence has been redesigned to be easier to use and more robust.
  • There have been a number of performance and reliablility improvements. For example, handling attachments is much faster.

What was new in Version 3.0

  • CreativeNotes Desktop Edition has been introduced, providing all the features previously available only on Pocket PC's.
  • You can sync your notes between your Windows PC and your Pocket PC.
  • You can choose the bullet colors of the items in your notes.
  • You can change the color scheme to be used by default when you create new notes.
  • The edit functions - Cut, Copy and Paste - have been simplified.
  • Your notes are now stored in individual files, rather in a central database. This makes it easier to archive and back up your notes and share them with others.
  • You can keep your notes on a storage card or on the main memory of your Pocket PC, and in any folder on your Windows PC.
  • CreativeNotes now comes with Microsoft Compact Framework v2 on Windows Mobile devices, and Microsoft .NET Framework v2 on Windows PC's. These platforms give major improvements in reliability and error handling.

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