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CreativeNotes - Delighting our Customers

Here's what some of our customers have told us about CreativeNotes

"I have downloaded cnotes, what a brilliant piece of software." 

I enjoy using the software and find it very helpful in so many ways!  Very nice work, indeed.

"I love your software because it seems the best outliner software when writing long notes."

"I love Creative Notes Pro because it is highly useful to me in my personal and work life. I have used it almost daily for a few months now, and I keep finding more and more uses for it. I value the password protection option (on a file-by-file basis), the ability to store the program and data files on a memory card, the automatic bulleting and check-boxing option, the ability to categorize files, and the synching capabilities using the Pro version for my desktop computer as well as my handheld."

"I have been using creative notes for several years now and find it invaluable for organising all kinds of information such as 'to do' lists, inventories, lesson plans, research notes, etc. I love this new version as I find it much easier to compose lengthier notes on the desktop and then transfer to my handheld. Really handy new features include the ability to add attachments and internet links. Great support from MyPocketSoft too!"

"I've used outlining software for a good many years and have been looking for something that would run on the Pocket PC. My search is over. CreativeNotes is easy and pleasant to use and does just what I need it to do. I had been using the Tasks application for grocery lists, packing lists, etc., but CreativeNotes is much better at that. I use it several times a day to jot down notes and reminders and to organize my thoughts. I ran into a couple of minor issues and the developer not only fixed them within three days but even emailed me to let me know that an upgrade was available. I don't think you can beat that."

"I can't thank you enough for the excellent customer service. It is sooo appreciated. I will definitely do business with creative-notes again."

"I can honestly say that I use Creative Notes every single day. I nearly cried when the trial period ended and paid up for the full version with no hesitation. Some of the things I really love about it are: - It's really clear and simple to use with a 'mind map' type format. - It has a nice clear look to it. - It has little tick boxes that are really helpful for shopping lists and to do lists. - You can make templates. - You can color code both text and background. - The strong encryption means that I can use it to remember things like passwords and PINs. - You can add notes to items. All in all I love it and I wouldn't be without it."

"Wow! -Now that's what I call CUSTOMER SUPPORT!! I'm completely blown away by the speed at which you turned this around. Thanks a million for your assistance!"

"The combination of multiple categories and inclusive/exclusive filters is both simple and brilliant. This feature combined with outlining is what makes the application so useful for me and superior to other notetaking applications."


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