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Buy CreativeNotes

This page introduces the different editions of CreativeNotes, and how much they cost, and takes you to the MyPocketSoft Online Store so that you can make your purchase.


When you purchase CreativeNotes, you will be sent an email containing a registration code. You use this to change CreativeNotes from a trial version to a fully registered version. To do this, start CreativeNotes and choose About->Register, then type in the registration code.

You do not need to install the purchased version of CreativeNotes if you already have the trial version on your device. All you need is the registration code.

CreativeNotes Professional Edition - $29.95

This provides CreativeNotes Mobile Edition and CreativeNotes Desktop Edition, in a single package. You can buy it here. Just download it to your PC, and unzip it, then run the appropriate installation files.

CreativeNotes Professional Edition - FREE!

Through TrialPay, you can get a fully registered version of CreativeNotes Professional by completing an offer from a blue-chip advertiser. Just follow this link.

CreativeNotes Desktop Edition - $19.95

This is the desktop version of CreativeNotes. It runs on any PC with Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000. You can buy it here. Just download it to your PC, and run it.

CreativeNotes Desktop Edition comes with Microsoft .NET Framework v2. This is free of charge. It will be installed automatically unless you already have it on your PC. (It is already included in Windows Vista.)

CreativeNotes Mobile Edition - $19.95

This is the Pocket PC version of CreativeNotes. It runs on any Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 or later. You can purchase it here.

CreativeNotes for Pocket PC comes with Microsoft Compact Framework v2. This is free of charge.

When you first start CreativeNotes, you may be asked if you want to store your notes in the main memory of your Pocket PC, or on a storage card if you have one. You will be able to change this setting later if you want.

If you created a backup file from Version 2 of CreativeNotes, you can extract your existing notes from it. Use Tools->Import, and for Type choose CN Backups(*.cnb).


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