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Harness your Brainpower with CreativeNotes

CreativeNotes helps you organize your thoughts and ideas. It will make you more effective at work, it will help you learn at school or college, and enhance your leisure time.

CreativeNotes helps you organize your life

Despite its power, CreativeNotes is incredibly simple to use. All of its functions have been designed to minimize the number of taps you have to make. Full built-in help is provided as standard. CreativeNotes will help you go wherever your imagination wants to take you.

  CreativeNotes Desktop Edition   CreativeNotes Mobile Edition  
CreativeNotes runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000... ... and on Pocket PC's

Use CreativeNotes as your secure notepad

CreativeNotes is ideal for jotting down quick notes as the need arises. It's much easier to use than the Notes application built into the Pocket PC and Windows.

  • You organize each note as a bulleted list, with items arranged in groups to match the structure of your information.
  • You can use different colors for the bullets, text or background of any item. Items can be given check-boxes, and checked items can be hidden, so your shopping list gets shorter as you tick the items off.
  • You can add text attachments to any item in your notes. For example, information copied and pasted in from an email or a web page.
  • You can assign passwords to any of your notes. Then they are protected from prying eyes, by military-strength encryption technology.

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