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CreativeNotes - Full of Features

Unleash your creativity

  • Just start typing, and the information goes into a new item with its own bullet. Tap 'enter' to start another item.
  • Create items with one or two words to start with, then refine with details later.
  • Group items together to match the way your brain thinks about them. Then you can find and remember them more easily.
  • Quickly drag an item or a group to a different position in the note.
  • Choose different colors for items. Great for highlighting key information.
  • Insert the current time, or date, or any other date. Timestamp your information, or set deadlines for your action items.
  • Create templates, to help you create new notes for common tasks, like meeting notes.
  • New in version 4: You can choose which font styles and sizes to use when displaying your notes, and your note lists, and when printing them (printing is available in CreativeNotes Desktop Edition).
  • New in version 4: You can select multiple items, and then copy, cut or delete them all together, or change their colors.

Get organized

  • List notes in alphabetical order, or newest first, or most recently used first.
  • Assign categories to your notes, and filter the note list to see notes with selected categories.
  • You can import text from other applications - and from web pages - by copying and pasting via the clipboard.
  • Within a note, any item can have a check box. Useful for shopping lists and to-do lists.
  • Each item can have an attachment, created by you or loaded from Windows Rich Text Files, or Pocket Notes and Pocket Word files, or Text files.
  • You can copy and paste items, and groups of items, from one note to another.

Keep safe

  • Any note can have a password. The note will then be encrypted, using 256-bit (very high strength) encryption. This makes CreativeNotes a very effective electronic wallet.
  • Changes to your notes are permanently saved as you make them. No worries about losing your information.
  • You can undo changes if you make a mistake.
  • Notes are all held in a single folder. On your Windows PC, this can be anywhere chosen by you, or use CreativeNotes as the default. On your Pocket PC, it can be in main memory or on a storage card.
  • New in version 4: You can export to HTML files, as well as to text files. Then you can load them into other applications such as Word.
  • You can use CreativeNotes Desktop Edition to maintain a copy of all your notes on your Windows PC, and keep them in sync.
  • Full on-device help is provided, using the Windows and Windows Mobile help systems



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